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Sound masking, sometimes called white noise is an important consideration for office environments.

Our efficient project implementation & planning management helps you meet aggressive schedules.

Thanks for the excellent telecom consulting!

Mark Warrick

"Excellent service"

Tele Express organized a new phone system for our office and exercised patience and efficiency, while teaching our staff to use all the features. We have used Tele Express when the need arises for all our salon locations' phone system needs ever since. We have found their service to be excellent.

Shannon Marang-cox

"Extremely helpful and professional"

I find the sales and support staff at Tele Express to be extremely helpful and professional. They have always been available and ready to help. There have even been occasions where they assisted me on the phone, thus solving the problem, with no charge. In short, they're good people. The technicians have never failed to amaze. They work hard, fast, and efficiently. Always willing to go the extra mile and never waste time. I've never seen any tech from Tele Express find a tele problem they could not fix.

Chris Berube

"Excellence in terms of reliability"

We rely on Tele Express for all of our telecommunication needs. Their system continues to provide us with excellence in terms of reliability and performance. Our needs are always promptly attended to and we highly recommend Tele Express to anyone for telecom needs.

Kristen Raymond

"Class act!"

Our company has been doing business with Tele Express for over 7 years and the level of service that they have provided over the years has been second to none! We recently moved into a new facility and implemented a new Digital Telephone/ACD system. After careful planning, Tele Express was able to put together a system that met or exceeded our unique set of requirements. They also assisted in coordinating the move of all our telecommunications services from our old location to the new one. Because of their expertise this entire process went off without a hitch. I would highly recommend Tele Express to anyone who is looking for a telecom solutions provider. These guys are a class act!

Bryan Moritz

"Prompt responses"

It has been two months since our phone system was installed. The system has performed very well and is meeting all our needs. This memo is to thank you for your excellent service and prompt responses to our needs. When our law firm started up, we had to move very quickly to get up and running and the phones are a critical part of our operation. Tele Express was able to adapt to our changing needs with timely and competitively priced proposals. Installation was done to meet our schedules and your team reacted very well to our many special requests. Our thanks goes out to you for your in-depth knowledge of business needs and your high quality products and services which has served our company well. We look forward to an on-going relationship with Tele Express as we grow our business and partner with you for our future needs.

Mike Reagan

"Level of customer service"

We had a major phone system crash. That very same day, Telxpress came to the rescue and installed a brand new state of the art system and we were back up and running the very same day! Never have I had such a dedicated commitment from one company. Our system has been up and running without failure and Telxpress continues to impress me with their level of customer service and support. Thanks from all of us at Saleen, Inc.

Mike Leydekkers

"Easy to work with"

I am writing this message to say thank you and show our appreciation for a company that has always been professional and easy to work with. I was introduced to Tele Express in early 2005 as (Logomark) when we were consolidating our operations into a single larger facility with a move date of November 2005. The facility was to be rebuilt internally from the ground up and to support a working staff of well over 300 people. With the assistance of Tele Express, we were able to have our data network in place with a new phone system in record time. From the planning to the actual implementation, every step of the way Tele Express has worked with us diligently and since implemented a state of the art data center with impeccable cabling throughout the facility. The cabling job was superb, marked correctly and tested. The new Shoretel and VOIP phone systems were setup correctly from the get go with easy integration into our organization. Tele Express assisted with training our staff on the new phone system and were on hand for any glitches when we went live in the new facility. In particular I want to thank Bryan De Ghetto for his help in planning the cabling installation and data room setup. We have truly found a great data service partner and will have a long relationship in the future.

Vernon Eintracht

"Outstanding customer service"

We are the nation’s largest publisher of the Spanish yellow pages and have over 60 locations around the country. Consequently, we need a reliable phone service and that is exactly what Tele Express offers. Tele Express specifically designed a system for our individual needs and created a business solution that is appropriate for our company. In addition to providing a cost-effective, state of the art system, we firmly believe that the greatest thing about Tele Express is their quick response to our needs. If we have any problem with our system we can call them and if we don’t speak to someone immediately, we will receive a phone call within a day. It’s nice to have not only an outstanding phone service, but also have outstanding customer service.

Sara I. Alvarez

"Expectations were met"

In today’s business market, communication with your customers is crucial. As a company grows and technology changes it is important to have a vendor you can rely on, a company that stays current with new technology and services. Tele Express has been that company. Their sales staff is well informed, courteous and professional. The several projects that Tele Express has completed for us have been done on time and at the price quoted. There were no surprises and our expectations were met or exceeded. In a business that understands the importance of building relationships, it is refreshing to see that Tele Express takes pride in ensuring its customers’ experience is a good one and it’s a relationship they will work hard to keep.

Trevor Babstock

"Best Price!"

We searched high and low for a cost-effective solution to our uniqe customer service needs. After an exhaustive comparison, we chose Tele Express and have been with them since. Hot Tub Works is an industry leader for spa filters, hot tub chemicals, parts, covers, and much more. Consequently, we need a phone system that can handle the thousands of daily incoming and outgoing calls. Tele Express designed the perfect phone system to handle our outrageous needs. Their customer service goes above and beyond the call of duty -- whether it’s adding a user, questions about our system, service needs, or just about anything – they are great people to work with. We feel that we received the best service for the best price. As busy as we are, it’s nice not to have to worry about our telecommunications system. Thanks Tele Express!

Jim Williams

"Awesome Support"

Investment Placement Group (www.investipg.com) is a personalized brokerage firm specialized in wealth management and private banking services, with focus and extensive experience with domestic and international clients. Communication with our customers is the lifeline of our company, Investment Placement Group. In order to provide our customers real time service, we need to be as informed as possible and able to communicate information between our different locations and ultimately to our customers, as quickly as possible. With the services Tele Express offers we are able to do just that. It has contributed to our company expansion and continues to respond to our evolving needs. The personalized attention that we offer our customers has become our company’s trademark and would not be possible without the support of Tele Express.

Fernando Carrillo

"Great Service"

As a leading global provider of power quality and management solutions, we understand the importance of cutting-edge technology and appreciate the versatile system that Tele Express built for us and continues to shape to our needs. If ever we need to add, move, or change anything about our system, Tele Express works around our schedule to meet our needs and at times utilizing remote capabilities in order to have our system function at its highest capacity. Tele Express offers great technology with great service and all of us feel confident in our telecommunications system’s ability to provide the support that we need when we need it.

Kim Le
Year in Industry
IT Technicians

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