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Thanks to our strategic partnership with SBC, we are well-positioned in the highest-growth segments of telecommunications, thus providing your business with significant savings on Voice, Data, and Broadband services.

SBC Pacific Bell, a premier telephone company, Pacific Bell serves approximately 23 million people in the state of California with world's seventh-largest economy. Tele Express Business Systems Inc. is able to bring an innovative solution to help your company save dramatically on your total telecommunication bills.

New technology is helping businesses communicate more effectively. Whether the task at hand is linking offices together or integrating telephone lines with data systems, emerging technologies are enabling better and faster solutions. Tele Express works closely with your IT staff to implement the best possible Telecom and data solutions:

    SpectrLink Wireless Phone: Products that integrate with all enterprise
     telephony technologies, from the most widely used traditional PBX systems
     to the leading-edge IP-based convergence platforms.
    ACD (Automatic Call Distribution): Maintain service level goals by
     monitoring and optimizing call traffic.
    Internet Access: Coordination, installation, and conversion of dial-up to
     dedicated access.
    WANs (Wide Area Networks): Dedicated servers including T-1 and DSL
     (Digital Service Lines) that offer great performance and significantly reduced
    Microsoft NT-based comm systems: Integrated with LAN applications.
    Unified Messaging: Voice, fax, and e-mail in a universal in-box.
    Fax communications solutions: Fax server, mail integration.
    IVR (Interactive Voice Response): Advanced voice mail solutions.
    Call Accounting: Track outgoing call length and run call-costing reports.

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IP Phone Systems
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Our goal is to provide customers with the best technology solution suited for their specific needs. This combined with our experienced project manage- ment team will assure a seamless transition and a pleasant experience.