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How does it benefit you to do business with a TPX Solution Provider?

The benefit to you lies in the synergy of two companies uniting their strengths to work together on your behalf.

In today's economy, it’s crucial that you spend your valuable resources wisely and realize a higher return on your communications investment.

To meet the communications needs of the customers, TPX teams with companies whose capabilities complement its own.

Consequently, in order to become an TPX Solution Provider a company has to meet stringent requirements. TPX is pleased to acknowledge that Tele Express Business Systems, Inc. is a Solution Provider of TPX business communications services such as:

Internet access
Web Hosting
Network Security
Local and Long-Distance

Tele Express Business Systems, Inc. has access to world-class sales support and industry-recognized educational programs. TPX recognizes their educational achievements and rewards their high performance.

Contact us at (800) 880-7466 today for an assessment of our current needs including recommendations for increasing your operational efficiency.

IP Phone Systems
IP Phone Systems
Solution Provider
VoIP Hosted Solutions

Our goal is to provide customers with the best technology solution suited for their specific needs. This combined with our experienced project manage- ment team will assure a seamless transition and a pleasant experience.