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Without careful planning, integrating a new telephone system into your business operation can become complicated with difficulties that disrupt your normal day-to-day operations. In order to prevent this from happening, experienced Tele Express personnel will assist you at each crucial implementation phase.

From the moment the contract is signed, your dedicated Tele Express project manager walks you through the entire implementation process, which includes:

    System requirements survey.
    Technical system design incorporating detailed management interviews and
     problem solving analysis.
    Installation, testing, and programming.
    Training schedule establishment and execution.
    Local and long distance orders coordination.
    Regular project status reports.

The project manager serves as your single point of contact, working closely with your organization to ensure a smooth and successful installation.

Training classes, conducted on your premises, will ensure that everyone in your company gets adequate hands-on training. Additional on-line training sessions can also be arranged free of charge.

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Our goal is to provide customers with the best technology solution suited for their specific needs. This combined with our experienced project manage- ment team will assure a seamless transition and a pleasant experience.