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Play Demo ShoreTel Contact Center
ShoreTel Contact Center provides multimedia support and universal managed queue with embedded IVR for agents for not only voice calls but agent email, web chat, and callback/click to call.
Play ShoreTel Demo ShoreTel Mobility
This demo tours the most advanced mobility solution on the market today.
Play Demo ShoreTel Architecture
This whiteboard reviews the unique ShoreTel distributed architecture and highlights ten features of this brilliantly simple solution.
Play Demo ShoreTel ShoreWare Director
This easy to use UI manages multiple sites and multiple applications via a single web interface.
Play Demo ShoreTel Product Line
This demo reviews our complete line of phones, you'll see ease of use and actually hear the unmatched voice quality.
Play Demo ShoreTel Personal Communicator
Every user gets easy access to features that make them more productive. This video shows dialing, call control, unified messaging, history and more.
Play Demo ShoreTel Personal Communicator for Mac
This native client brings feature control to Mac users. The demo shows the features of Communicator for Mac relative to Communicator for Windows.
Play Demo ShoreTel Professional Communicator
The Professional level delivers a complete suite of tools including instant message, softphone, video and collaboration.
Play Demo ShoreTel Agent Communicator
This demo shows how a workgroup agent provides tools for small to mid-sized call center including login/logout controls, real time queue monitor, and a shared mailbox.
Play Demo ShoreTel Supervisor Communicator
Supervisor Access Level provides supervisors in small to mid-sized call center with tools to monitor, coach, barge, record and more.
Play Demo ShoreTel Operator Communicator
At the Operator level Communicator provides operators, executive assistants and receptionists with tools like call control, monitored users, and drag and drop transfer.
Play Demo ShoreTel Overview
Who is ShoreTel? What do they do? How are their products being received today? In this overview, you will learn how and why we deliver a brilliantly simple unified communication system.
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