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The use of telephone headsets is beneficial for improving head and neck postures. With the freedom a headset provides, awkward and prolonged static postures of the head, neck and shoulders can be avoided. In an even greater sense, the freedom offered by hands-free movement allows workers extra mobility, reducing static loads on the entire body, and potentially contributing to greater worker comfort and productivity. Headsets also are known to alleviate stress on the neck for all-day users, as well as for those who use the telephone sporadically throughout the day.

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  Wireless Headsets
Ultimate in mobility and sound
quality for business professionals

  Corded Headsets
Hands-free headsets for office

  VoIP Solutions
Complete range of Professional handsets, Wireless and VoIP.

Connect your Plantronics head- sets with these amplifiers

Headsets are becoming increasingly popular for enterprise telephony. Plantronics is our recommendations for third-party headsets, for use with ShorePhone IP Phones, and conventional analog phones installed on a ShoreTel system.

  ShorePhone IP 560/230/212k
Plantronics Voyagerâ„¢ 510SL Bluetooth headset
Plantronics P101 Encore Polaris headset
Plantronics P251 SupraPlus Polaris headset
Plantronics P81 TriStar Polaris headset
  ShorePhone IP 110
Plantronics M12 Amplifier
Plantronics H101 Encore headset
Plantronics H91 Encore headset
Plantronics H41 Mirage headset
  ShorePhone Softphone
Plantronics CS50-USB Wireless headset
Plantronics DSP-400 USB headset
Plantronics DA55 USB-to-Headset Adapter