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Tele Express Business Systems, Inc. provides the industry’s best hardware and software products and solutions from the most established, reputable and dependable manufacturers specializing in Digital Signage and IT Infrastructure solutions. Whatever your application may be we will design an affordable, scalable and reliable solution designed to meet or exceed your expectations.

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  Our Process

All great solution starts with a well thought out and organized vision. We spend time with our clients learning about their business, the project concepts, objectives, requirements, challenges and internal resources to develop a clear, concise and shared vision.
Our consultants and solution engineers will design and develop the most suitable solutions based on the proposed concept to meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our clients. We help our clients to choose the BEST solution by providing key information regarding features and benefits and real return on investment figures.
  Hardware and Software Integration
Based upon the concept and proposed content our solution engineers and content creation professional will match and integrate the most suitable and fully compatible hardware and software solution using knowledge gained from previous deployments, existing proof of concepts, industry insider forums and the most up to date technical and product information from the manufacturers.
Every solution is tested at our facilities and/or our clients’ location to ensure full compatibility and concept delivery prior to deployment. This is a great opportunity for the clients to “test drive” the solutions and to make any adjustments or changes.
Our certified and knowledgeable installation and service professional will deploy each solution according to the design specifications and to the satisfaction of each client.
  Remote Monitoring
All iDeal Technology Digital Signage solutions can be monitored remotely in house or at our clients’ location to ensure maximum system performance and eliminate network downtime
  Training and Support
Depending on our clients’ internal resources and the day to day involvement managing and operating the Digital Signage Network we will train the staff and support the solutions using a team approach of iDeal support staff and the original hardware and software manufacturers.
  Markets Served & Sample Applications

  Advertising Networks
Ad-based networks, Interactive Kiosks, In-house branding, co-op marketing.
Auto dealerships, Interactive Kiosks, auction houses, auto part distributors
  Convenience Stores
Promotions and specials, Interactive Kiosks, Co-op Marketing with suppliers
In Store Branding, Entertainment, Interactive Kiosks, Reduce Perceived Wait Times, Co-op Marketing, Emergency Notification
Emergency Notification, Student and Staff Communication, Classroom Presentations
  Fast Food
Digital Menu Boards, Interactive Kiosks, Promotions and In-Store Marketing, branding, Entertainment, Reduce Perceived Wait Times
  Financial Services
Promote Products and Services, Interactive Kiosks, Client and Employee Education, Entertainment, reduce perceived wait times
Staff and visitor communications, Interactive Kiosks, Emergency Notification, Patient and Visitor Education, Promotion of other Services, Reduce Perceived Wait Times
Interactive Concierge services, Directories, Entertainment, Co-op Marketing, Guest and Staff Communications, In-house Promotions (Golf Course, Spa, Gift Shop) Emergency Notification
  Corporate Communications
Emergency Notification, HR Information, Employee Training, Motivational Messages, Company Meetings, Welcome visitors, Promote Fund Raisers and Company Events
Billboards, Traffic areas, directories, emergency notification, etc...