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We offer a complete selection of Avaya Telephone Equipment and accessories. Whether you are looking for an entire system at a good price or a simple upgrade or replacement part you'll find it here in our online catalog.

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  Partner Product Family

The Partner Product Family is Avaya Technologies affordable, pay-as-you-grow solution to simplifying business communications. Partner key telephone systems are excellent for customer needing quality, top of the line equipment that will last and expand well into the future.

These Avaya Partner Systems have the latest technology, as well as use Digital Emulation in all the control units, while providing the simplicity of analog data at the ports. Avaya Systems are the MOST selling systems in the world. Come see why.
  Avaya IP Office

"The Avaya IP Office is clearly deserving of leadership status in the communications sector of the IP telephony industry. We're proud to reward their hard work and innovation with a Product of the Year Award for 2003," said Rich Tehrani, group editor-in-chief of INTERNET TELEPHONY.

The Avaya Small Office Edition is designed for small offices, home offices, branch offices—anywhere there's a requirement for a full-featured, business communications system for phone, Internet and e-mail needs. Cost-effective and easy-to-use, the Small Office Edition is a phone system with many "bells and whistles"—from caller ID to remote call forwarding to a softphone option.
  MERLIN MAGIX™ Integrated Sys.

The MERLIN MAGIX™ Integrated System is new, all-in-one offer that provides customers with an integrated solution featuring a robust business phone system enhanced with voice/data network integration capability and high-speed Internet access. MERLIN MAGIX replaces the current MERLIN LEGEND® Advanced Solutions offer.

The MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System is attractive to small and/or mid-markets customers (15 to 200 users) with single locations, as well as a large number of geographically dispersed locations. In addition to current voice applications needs, customers that access the Internet via modems or anticipate a future requirement for high-speed, Internet access, and currently have a LAN installed, are candidates for this offer.

CTI for the MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System (PDF 104k)
  Products Gallery

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